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2021 Blog Posts

Yim Wing Chun – Legendary Female Martial Arts Master (2/21/2021)

Yim Wing Chun (Traditional Chinese: 嚴詠春; Simplified Chinese: 严咏春; Cantonese Yale: Yim Wing Cheun; pinyin: Yán Yǒngchūn; c. 1775–c. 1840) is renowned as the first master of Wing Chun Quan, a style of Southern Shaolin Wushu (武 "Wu" = military or martial, 術 "Shu" = art) or Nanquan (Traditional Chinese: 南拳; pinyin: Nán quán; lit. "southern fist", or Traditional Chinese: 南派; pinyin: Nán pài; lit. "southern school"). The style of Wing Chun Fist bears her name, which can be translated as "spring chant", "eternal spring", or "singing spring". Read More

Hua Mulan – Legendary Chinese Heroine (1/23/2021)

Hua Mulan (Traditional Chinese: 花木蘭; Simplified Chinese: 花木兰; Pinyin: Huā Mùlán) is a legendary, possibly real, folk heroine. Mulan dates back to the Northern and Southern dynasties period (Traditional Chinese: 南北朝; pinyin: Nán-Běi Cháo; 420–589 AD) of China's history. Mulan is the most admired of historical Chinese heroines. Read More


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