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2016 Blog Posts

Are You a Closet Martial Arts Fan? Then It’s Time To Come Out! (6/17/2016)

There are many men and women out there who are true fans of martial arts such as Shaolin Kung Fu but have never gotten an opportunity to let it be a major part of their lives. The first obstacle would be finding a place where they can go and practice authentic Martial Arts. The next obstacle would be to find a teacher who not just teaches them but also guides them so that Kung Fu becomes a part of their lives. Read More

A Brief History Of Kung Fu (4/29/2016)

The term Kung Fu is an umbrella term for several hundreds of martial art styles that developed in China over the last 1500 years. Martial arts in China, Japan, Korea, and the island of Okinawa have been influenced by the monks and nuns of the Shaolin Temple. Read More

The Five Kung Fu Animal Styles – Exploring The Mystery   (3/29/2016)

Nature has always inspired human life. Whether learning how to hunt and find food or picking up on survival tactics in the wilderness, human beings have gained much knowledge by observing and following the animal kingdom. This influence is most prominently visible with Shaolin Martial Arts. Read More

Women and Chinese Martial Arts   (2/27/2016)

An interesting and obscure aspect of Chinese Martial Arts in the West is the contribution of women to its evolution and development. Though a mostly male pursuit, highly skilled female martial artists have emerged over the years as well. Their involvement demonstrates the fact that the practice and use of traditional Chinese Martial Arts depends on mind, will, spirit, and skill rather than on brute physical strength. Read More

High Quality Training In Martial Arts Is Not Just A Choice But A Necessity Today   (2/1/2016)

Learning Martial Arts is both a necessity for those seeking self-defense training and a subject of interest for those interested in its history and philosophy. Those interested need to ensure that they learn Martial Arts in Detroit only from the best people. If one is ever in a dangerous situation, one would not want to rely on half-baked lessons or instructions from someone who does not have expertise or complete knowledge about Kung Fu.

Martial Arts and Kung Fu are actually much more than just kicks and punches. Read More


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